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    About Us(English)

    2022-03-20 13:08:10      点击:
    We are a design studio with a professional design and development team in Suzhou, China. We aim to provide professional injection mold design services for mold related companies.

      We are familiar with export mold design standards, can provide full 3D mold design according to customer requirements, products can be in 3D mold assembly drawings to verify the correctness, rationality and functionality of the design. Mold design standards include HasCO standard of Germany, DME standard of The USA, Misumi/Punch standard of Japan …. 
      Using the mold design software for 2d/ 3D mold design, can provide customers with detailed formal drawings, for customers to solve the problems encountered in the mold manufacturing process.   Mold design with scientific and systematic design step, can reduce test times and cost, greatly shorten the tooling development schedule, and effective control of mould development progress.

    Design content (according to the needs of different customers) : 
       1. Plastic mold review DFM report 
      2. 2D assembly drawing
      3. 2d part drawing
      4.3D structure mold removal 
      5. List of mold materials 

       "Industry scope"  
      The corresponding products are projectors, copiers, printers, mobile phones, digital cameras, gears, auto parts, computer accessories and so on.
    Thank you for your support! Looking forward to cooperating with you!

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